Until I couldn’t Feel Anymore, by Xandria Browning

“But why?

Mother didn’t answer me. 
She just kept putting on pants after pants until
my legs grew twice their size

“But it’s summer, why do I have to put on all my clothes?”

Still no answer.
I saw a white flash come through the window
and mother tensed.
She started hurrying me out the back door
but he was already there.
Mother shoved me back so hard
I thought I might fall over.
I could hear them fighting
with fists or words, I wasn’t sure
as I hid behind the staircase I saw the vase of yellow flowers
fly across the room
I ran over to pick them up, I didn’t want to see such pretty flowers
go to waste.
He grabbed me by the arm.
Normally it would hurt, but the
four shirts and
two jackets protected me.
Mom had the right idea

“run, go outside!”

I sprinted through the kitchen, down the hall and to the right
once I made it to the front door, the sound of screams and bright red flashing lights
clouded my senses.
I felt someone pick me up but I turned around
it wasn’t mother.
A lady police officer sat me down on the back seat of her car and handed me a blanket
before running off towards the house.
I pulled the blanket over my head like I do at night,
and hummed my favorite song.
I hummed until I couldn’t feel anymore.

Xandria Browning resides in Sylvania, Ohio. She was born into a family of musicians and poets, most who influenced her own creativity and writing. Her main focus is poetry and short stories written from experiences of her own life.