The Gallery of Lilianne Milgrom


LILIANNE MILGROM considers herself a “global artist at large.” Born in Paris, she grew up in Australia, lived for extended periods in Israel, and now resides in the United States. Her life revolves around art – creating art, looking at art, and writing about art. She exhibits extensively in regional and international shows, and her work can be found in both private and institutional collections. Her diverse cultural background has been influential in shaping a multi-disciplinary approach to her art. She has found that combining different mediums and art forms allows for a more complex visual language. Her work appeals to art lovers and collectors who appreciate beauty and skill, as well as an intellectually challenging or witty edge. 


I find inspiration in my daily life and in the people I meet, especially during my travels and on artist residencies. I have always been drawn to faces – a person’s life is etched on their face. It’s also pretty mind-boggling to think that there are billions of people on earth and no two people look exactly alike (even identical twins have individual characteristics!). Though my body of work is eclectic, it is defined by a conscious balance between the conceptual and the aesthetic – I attempt to find an equivalent balance in my personal life, some days more successfully than others!